Sea Glass St Kitts

on February 11, 2017 | By Laurna Thompson


Sea Glass…what is it?

This is a question that I’m often asked while on my Food Tours of Basseterre. We walk by a local beach, where depending on the tide or recent weather conditions either sea glass is abundant, or not at all.

Sea glass is defined as pieces of glass from broken bottles, tableware or shipwrecks.  The glass is rolled and tumbled in the salt water for years, making the broken bits of glass smooth with a frosted appearance. Beach glass on the other hand, is found in fresh water bodies of water and not frosted in appearance.

The average length of time the glass has been in the water is over 20 years, with some glass being in the water for 50- 100 plus years.

The most common colours found are white, green and brown- usually from discarded beer, wine and pop (soda) bottles. Rarer colours include different shades of green, teal, blue and red.

A quick google search will bring up beautiful images of this glass, and ideas from art to jewellery. The possibilities are endless.

I stated collecting sea glass on one of my cruises, I loved the look of some locally made jewellery and made it a point to read up on beaches that had good sea glass on the islands we visited.

I came across a local beach in Basseterre while on my walking food tours. For months I walked by this stretch of beach and not really paying much attention, until one day last February, the beach was covered with sea glass.The main picture is my collection from one day of combing sea glass. I now factor in extra time for my guests to scour the beach for their own sea glass finds.

I met a wonderful lady who has a booth in Port Zante who makes all her own jewellery as well as all natural soaps. I gave her some of my most recent finds and so far she has made the 2 pendants above. The remaining pieces may or may not be Christmas presents ?

My mission now is to find the elusive colours- blue, aqua, opal and perhaps one day red. So far, my collection is doing pretty good.


Laurna Thompson

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