Ken Sells Seashells….

on January 3, 2017

Since living on the island I have befriended many people, whether they were born and raised on the island or are now living on the island. I love to talk and will strike up a conversation with just about anyone, and this is how I met Ken.

Ken is a Kittitian, born and raised and I met him while he was selling fruits and vegetables to ¬†fellow Kittitians and beers and seashells to tourists that walk by his table. Ken inherited the spot from his Grandmother when she passed away a few years back. Being a red head, I kind of stand out, and I guess I passed by his table often enough for him to stop me to ask who I was and what I was doing on the island- this by the way is typical for someone to just come up and ask who you are and what you are doing on the island, where you live and of course the big question…are you single!

After a few conversations, I decided that I was going to add Ken and his stand on my Food Tours, Ken was awesome to deal with, friendly with my guests and is very well spoken. We became friends, and when I injured myself from a fall he came to my apartment just to make sure I was okay and to drop off a homemade concoction to take care of my bruises and the swelling. Ken has also helped with my tours and will like to add him as a guide once I start getting more tours booked.

Fast forward to today, I was going to his stand to buy some soursop, he had some for sale on Monday, and was hoping he still had some. Ken always has seashells on his table for the tourist to purchase, I never really pay much attention to them as you develop tunnel vision when you see the same thing everyday. Today was different though, he had a starfish and some beautiful conch shells that were perfect. He was in the midst of cleaning one that just took my breath away. I knew I had to take some pictures.


Ken told me that he collected these shells himself, he goes out on the water and starts diving for the shells, so of course I told him to call me next time he goes out as I would love to be able to dive for some shells and start my own little collection, which I’m sure that will be an adventure in itself.

Just some advise to everyone, next time you see a street vendor or someone selling their wares, take the time and talk to them, listen to their story, you never know who may turn into a friend. I’m glad I stopped and talked to him that day.

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